C-Loop Camera Strap Mount - Silver

$39.95 In Stock

Color: Silver or Black

  • Eliminate Strap Interference: Quicker access, flexibility and improved handling.
  • Smooth Rotation: The C-Loop swivels 360 degrees to reduce tangling and for smooth panning
  • Low Profile: Makes it easier to transition from landscape to portrait shots
  • Increased Security: Lens comfortably tucks away making mobility easy in tight or crowded areas
  • Compatibility: Works with existing camera straps and all devices with a tripod mount

C-Loop is truly a “Why didn't I think of that?” solution. We created the C-Loop because we were frustrated by the traditional top-mounted strap that was always tangling and getting in the way of shots. By relocating the mounting position to the bottom of the camera and integrating a 360-degree swivel, the C-Loop prevents strap interference and stays tight and secure, resulting in an effortless and worry-free shooting experience. Now you can transition from landscape to portrait mode without the strap falling in your face or blocking the viewfinder, and with your camera hanging upside down from the strap, you can tuck it to your side for easy movement through crowds and tight spaces. Made in USA.

For the best tangle-free camera sling strap system, use the C-Loop with the Custom SLR Glide Strap.

Use the C-Loop with the M-Plate Pro for seamless transition to a tripod.

Watch the C-Loop in Action


I'm very impressed with the design and construction quality of Custom SLR products. Highly recommended!

-Michael Zhang, PetaPixel

The C-Loop corrects that awful camera strap. It’s fast on, fast off, and solves all the problems of twisty uncomfortable straps.

-Emm, CheesyCam

See a Close-up of the C-Loop